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LID Publishing specializes in working with business authors and organizations to help them develop content to promote their brand, message and expertise.

Founded in 1993, LID has over 1,700 authors and continues to add approximately 120 new titles each year, around one-third in English and the rest in Spanish and other languages. LID also publishes academic and professional journals like Dialogue.

LID books have been translated into over a dozen languages and distributed worldwide. LID employs 60 people in nine offices in seven countries: United States, United Kingdom, China, Spain, Mexico, Colombia and Argentina. It ranks number one in the world in business history and business dictionaries and is the leading publisher of business books in the Spanish-speaking countries. LID is a founding member of Business Publishers Roundtable.

LID Speakers promotes a network of over 100 speakers specializing in business topics while LID Learning offers online educational and training courses.


Guarantee our authors and sponsors the effective communication of their corporate image and ideas throughout the business world by means of printed books, audiovisual products, via Internet and in person.

  • Comprehensive service: covers all types of communication.
  • Long term relationship: established on a basis of trust and understanding.
  • Global vision: editorial offices in four countries and international rights sales.
  • Prestige: editorial boards and specialized editors.
  • Unique style: our team provides a global approach to public relations.
  • Reach: from digital platforms to airport book shops.

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China Publishing Group Corporation (CPG) is China’s largest and most influential trade and professional publishing group. Since 2008, it has been on the list of “Top 30 Chinese Cultural Enterprises” for six consecutive years, ranking among the leading cultural enterprises in China. Internationally, it has been ranked No.14 among the 2014 Top 50 Global Publishing Groups, and was the only Chinese publisher ranked among Top 500 Asia Brand. In 2015 London Book Fair, CPG was awarded with the Simon Master Chairman’s Award.

CPG boasts 40 publishing companies and imprints with 96 subsidiaries, which produce over 10,000 book titles, audio-visual publications, electronic and online publications every year. It leads the country with 7% of domestic book retail market share, ranking No.1 for 13 consecutive years. Every year it concludes copyright agreements with overseas publishers for over 1,000 titles of books and journals. It comprises China’s biggest publications import & export enterprise, importing and exporting over 200,000 titles every year, accounting for 62% and 30% of the domestic market respectively. CPG owns 28 overseas publishing houses, chain bookstores and offices with its business extending to over 130 countries and regions.

With publication as its core mission, CPG covers print and digital publishing, copyright transactions, and book importing and exporting.

CPG includes the longest established and the most prestigious publishing houses in China, and it grabs the biggest share in terms of national publishing programs, national publication awards, the book retail market, trade book sales revenue, publications imports & exports, copyright transactions and the number of national key cultural enterprises. It also boasts the biggest author and reader base as well as the richest cultural heritage resources and resources for publication. It thus has the most powerful cultural influence in China.

Under its umbrella are numerous prestigious publishing companies and wholesalers such as the Commercial Press with a history of 118 years, Zhonghua Book Company with a history of 103 years, SDX Joint Publishing Company with a history of 84 years, as well as the People’s Literature Publishing House, the People’s Fine Arts Publishing House, the People’s Music Publishing House, and China National Publications Import & Export (Group) Corporation (CNPIEC), all with a history of over 60 years.

The strategic goal of CPG is to be a major actor in the global publishing industry and build the leading modern, large-scale global publishing & media group.